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Frensham Brook project managed the largest private house that HUF HAUS have ever built at a staggering 10,000sq ft. Situated on a stunning plot in Surrey with spectacular views over the surrounding countryside, the site was particularly challenging because of the 50 degree slope!

We were involved from the start, helping to purchase the existing house, arranging for its demolition and obtaining planning permission for the new house from the local council. Good relationships with the neighbours were also developed to ensure that no one was unnecessarily disturbed during this substantial project.

The site preparation involved numerous challenges, most notably complex and lengthy negotiations on tree preservation orders with the local council. It was important that the garden was cleared sympathetically, so that the best view was achieved with the least possible damage to existing trees.

There was massive excavation of the site with 80 lorry-loads of soil removed to create a pit for the basement and sub-basement which was built before the ground floor slabs and house were built. A complex web of pipes also had to be laid to take the services and drainage systems from the road to the house.

We went to Germany with our clients to agree the fit-out protocol guiding them through the extensive decision process and helping them to choose everything from bathroom tap design, swimming pool depth to kitchen cupboard colour - pink!

With the site ready the Germans arrived in force! Throughout the build we closely monitored the works ensuring that everything ran smoothly and that the fit out protocol was as agreed.

Once the house was completed the landscaping went into full swing. To set off this striking house properly something dramatic was called for and together with the garden designer, a landscaping scheme, including the 'sunset deck' was agreed upon, and implemented under our direction.

Using a staggering 32 tonnes of steel, cantilevered off the slope and embedded into tonnes of concrete, this deck created 1,100 sq ft of decking on two levels with bespoke glass and stainless steel handrails. A total of 120 steps wind around the house, linking terraces and decks, and down through the garden which is planted with a mixture of traditional English varities of plants as well as substantially more exotic specimens from around the world.

Since completion, the gardens have one a prestigious BALI Award (British Association of Landscape) 2004.

This project is a good example of our ability to bring together and coordinate over 20 specialist trades, to work alongside HUF HAUS and ensure the successful completion of this memorable house. See the picture gallery here

This project is featured in the February 2005 edition of SelfBuild & Design magazine. Click here to view the article. To view this article, you will need Adobe PDF reader installed, click here to download the software from Adobe.

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