Case study 3

The third HUF HAUS build that we project managed was again in Surrey. Our clients were already living in an existing house in a beautiful one acre plot, which they wished to replace with a large 9,000 sq ft HUF HAUS.

We were therefore again involved right from the start, initially co-ordinating investigations into the site to check it was suitable for a HUF development, including soil analysis and site and tree surveys and then seeing them through the outline design and planning process with HUF and the local authority.

Once this stage had been completed we again accompanied our clients to Hartenfiels to guide them through the complex fit-out protocol; back in the UK we oversaw the demolition of the existing house and site preparation ready for HUF HAUS.

The design for this house again included a basement area so the site excavation was extensive.

In this instance the services to the house were again a big aspect of the project and included constructing a new electricity sub station and sinking a bore hole.

The house went up in true efficient and swift HUF style, closely overseen by us to ensure everything went smoothly and the fit out protocol was as agreed.

With the structure of the house completed we then moved on to focusing on the landscaping, liaising with the designers and specialist contractors to implement a suitable scheme which would enhance and complement this stunning new house.

The finishing touches included a bespoke steel gate system together with security systems and external lighting. Once again the result is a beautiful home for our clients which they were able to achieve with our help.

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