The remodelling of a newly constructed house

Frensham Brook was called in when a project to build a stunning new cliff-top house on the Caribbean island of St Lucia ran into difficulties. The build had fallen substantially behind timetable and the quality was below expectations. Frensham Brook’s remit was to review the project’s status and then ensure that the house was completed to the expected standard without further delays.

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  • A site visit and initial assessment of the building was carried out
  • Frensham Brook then organized detailed professional reports covering the structure and finishes of the building
  • Detailed comparisons with the original specifications were carried out
  • A strategy was then recommended and subsequently implemented to rectify certain aspects of the building along with design alterations and improvements
  • We then project monitored the works in conjunction with a local team
  • Detailed financial control was undertaken on behalf of the client and re-landscaping organised with a local company
  • The result created a better and more flexible layout and created one of the finest properties on the island and resulted in the client being able to sell it for a substantial sum