Project Management Services

Frensham Brook specialises in project managing the building of German HUF HAUS, we first became involved with the company when an existing client wanted to build one as their private home.

Many people may dream of building their own HUF HAUS but may be put off by what they see as a daunting task.

Frensham Brook can help realise the dream of a HUF HAUS, project managing the whole process, allowing clients to enjoy the experience. Frensham Brook offers guidance through all aspects of the project from finding and preparing a site, to agreeing the fit-out protocol, monitoring the build and even organising the landscaping.

Frensham Brook offers a professional project management service to complement that of HUF HAUS. Our experience and specialist knowledge will help to ensure that the process is as trouble-free as any new build can be.

We can be involved in a HUF HAUS build at whatever level, either managing the whole project, taking care of even the smallest details, to just offering a professional overview of the project.

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